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How Temporary Car Insurance Can Be Better Value Than Annnual Cover

Numerous car insurance policies are still sold for one year. Although this meets the needs of many drivers, some have more unusual requirements and now flexible cover is available for much shorter periods of time.

Temp cover in most parts of the world is defined as a short term automobile insurance policy lasting from 24 hours to twenty eight days. However, now flexible insurance can be secured for between one to eight months.

In addition pay as you go options can now be secured which allow drivers to setup their policy online. This gives the option of not having to pay for insurance when it will not be required.

There are several reasons and situations where drivers may take out a one day car insurance policy. One of the most popular is making sure you are protected when borrowing a friends automobile. Securing an extra policy for this could protect a no claims bonus built up if no claim has been made for several years. This could therefore be an attractive option for careful drivers who have not made a claim for years.

Another reason temp cover is beneficial is when needing to provide protection for a driver sharing the driving on a longer journey.

Covering a visitor from overseas is a popular reason for taking short term insurance cover. As is requiring 24 hour insurance when driving home a recently purchased new or 2nd hand auto. Taking a test drive and requiring cover for a day can be another reason.

Numerous people who drive a van, don’t actually own one themselves. This can be where 1 day car insurance is necessary, when you are borrowing a van for a range of situations.

For bikers that are planning a summer road trip, temporary car insurance could be a solution. This may prove cost effective if they will only be riding while they are away and usually drive their car when at home.

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