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How to Choose Healthy And Authentic Indian Food

If you are a food lover and simply enjoy relishing traditional Indian food and at the same time you are also very health conscious, then you should always order your food from an authentic Indian takeaway London . Now you need not worry about your waistline anymore as Indian food is the healthiest food and now you can sit at the luxury of your home and enjoy this cuisine.

Before you plan to order authentic Indian food you should remember few tips that would help you savour some of the most delectable food. Firstly you should always choose an authentic Indian takeaway London for ordering your food. There are many Indian take away in London who serves under an Indian name but the reality is they do not serve you authentic Indian food. Most of the restaurants make fusion food rather than traditional Indian food to suit the palate of the Londoners. But the genuine taste of Indian food comes from its original recipes and the use of authentic Indian spices and fresh ingredients unlike the fast foods served by most of the eating joints in London. If you choose an authentic Indian takeaway London you can not only savour tasty food but also healthy one.

Secondly, you should always choose Indian tandoori food. In the tandoori preparation no oil is used and the ingredients are marinated in fresh Indian spices and grilled in clay oven. The usage of clay oven too has its health benefit as there is use of no gas or electricity and only coal is used to generate fire. Tandoori cuisine is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The meat used for this kind of cooking is always lean meat hence the fat content is negligible and hence very healthy for you.

Thirdly, you should avoid ordering fried items for starters as the content of oil is very high since the ingredients are deep fried. Instead you can opt for steamed or baked items. Fourthly you should opt for healthy side dishes like tandoori roti or plain rice to accompany your main course. Avoid ordering butter naan or fried rice as they will contain extra amount of oil. Plain rice is also a very good and healthy option and suits all kinds of Indian curries. You can also opt for roasted papadoms instead of the fried ones. Yet another very healthy Indian side dish would be the various kinds of chutneys like mint with yoghurt or mango with yoghurt and these extremely healthy and also enhance the taste of your food.

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