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How to Cure Sweaty Palms – The Amazing Rules For Curing Sweaty Palms

So you are suffering from Palmar Hyperhidrosis or sweaty palms and your hands are always wet no matter of timing and season. The medical term for sweaty palms is Palmar Hyperhidrosis, it is a scientific term that means excessive sweat. I have been there and I know how embarrassing and annoying sweaty hands can be, especially if you have already tried numerous methods to get rid of the condition. This is why I have compiled a list of the most common treatment options for sweaty palms

Stop sweaty palms with pharmaceutical treatment

*Probantine and Ditropen
There are many medications that can help prevent palms from excessive sweating. Oral medications such as Ditropan and Probanthine are classified as anti cholinergic drugs that function by blocking neuro-transmission that is key responsible for the sweat production.
The medications listed below are not specific treatments for the condition. Nevertheless, they all have the same adverse effect: they will keep your hands dry.

Due to the fact that it controls sweating, Terazosin has been approved in treating the condition. Terazosin is also used to treat hypertension.

Surgical Treatment:

*Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy
Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy (TST) conducted by a thoracic specialist, cuts the sympathetic nerve that directly controls the sweating production in the hands and feet, but this operation does not affect sweating in other parts of the body, such as the under arm.

Botox is used to prevent the chemical transmitter from relaying messages that can cause hand sweating. Botox injected into the palms can help reduce hands sweating that could last for at least half a year.
Botox is an extended surgical relief that paralyzes the sweat gland effectively.

Other Alternatives:

*Another very good way of stopping sweaty hands is by using a microfiber towel. You should put one in your purse and carry it with you all the time. Whenever you need to shake hands put the towel out of your purse and wipe your hands.

*For an immediate and instant relief, you can rub your hands on talcum powder or plain cornstarch right after you wash your hands. Talcum and cornstarch help slow down the sweat gland process.

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