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How to Draw a Financial Freedom Plan For Yourself

Financial stress is a widespread topic around the dinner table all over our country! Millions of people are caught in credit card obligations with mounting interest rates and mortgage payments! Devoid of a financial freedom plan, we might lose every thing.

What can we you to reduce this stress? Since most of us don’t have a rich daddy to salvage us from our financial jumble, we have to devise a financial freedom plan.

Evidently, we need a financial freedom plan and here are some points that can really help you to alleviate your financial stress. Let’s get started with becoming debt free as follow:

1) Get organized. Before starting any financial freedom plan, observe exactly how bad your debt really is. Are you at the point of bankruptcy or just need to reduce preventable spending?

2) Throwing all those bills in a drawer, forgetting they exist doesn’t count as a financial freedom plan. Every month, they just keep showing up in our mailboxes again.

3) If you don’t at least make the minimum payment every month on your credit cards, you will soon have a more serious problem. Next thing you know, you will see those extra charges for late payments adding up and then your interest rate will go sky high! Not to mention your credit will be destroyed!

4) Gather all your regular bills, mortgages, credit card statements, and any other debts. Find a working pen and notebook. On the top of the page, write FINANCIAL FREEDOM PLAN.

5) List all your regular monthly bills on one side. Also average out your other household and gasoline expenses. Take yearly expenses and divide by 12 to determine cost per month.

6) If you do this type of consolidation as part of your financial freedom plan, close out those cards as soon as the balances have been paid. It is better not to keep them around and be tempted to start using them again. There will be a small fee for doing balance transfers, but it will be worth it discontinue accumulating interest and lower your monthly payments.

When it comes to your credit card debt, add all balances up to see exactly what you owe. Have you considered the possibility of doing balance transfers to a new card with a 0% internet rate for 12 or 15 months? Consolidating several credit card balances in this way could save you tons of money and reduce your stress.

You may have to cut your spending to only things that are necessary. Of course, you have to put gas in your vehicle, but you don’t have to stop for fast food on the way. Although you won’t starve, you may have to quit eating steaks once a week for awhile. One-pot meals and leftovers can save you some money. Check out websites where they offer free recipes for the budget conscious consumer. You can eat healthy and hardy for less!

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