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How to eradicate the problem of bed bugs

When it comes to treating an infestation of bed bugs there are no simple solutions.

The plan you adopt has to be correct for the level of infestation of bed bugs that you are suffering and designed specifically to eradicate bed bugs in your house, apartment or accommodation.

When it comes to killing off bed bugs there is no silver bullet or easy answer.

A wide range of treatments for bed bugs exist but the aim should always be to eradicate bed bugs completely, and get rid of bed bugs for good.

You need to first examine the size of the problem and the scale of your bed bug infestation. A sign of bed bugs is if you and your family have suddenly started to get very itchy, red bites when you wake up in the morning.

You can usually tell bed bug bites from flea bites because flea bites have a darker red circle in the middle whereas bed bug bites do not.

Your first task should be to examine your mattress, bedding and your wooden bed frame, or nearby wooden furniture, for any signs of bed bug infestation.

Examine everything very closely, using a magnifying glass if necessary. Check for eggs, dead bed bugs, bed bug skins and also small red dots of blood on your sheets.

If you do find this evidence and establish that your problem is bed bugs then you should immediately start the bed bug treatment.

Animals such as bats and birds can bring bed bugs in to your home so check your property for any signs of animal life and get rid of them if you find them as they may be responsible for the bed bugs in the first place. If you do find any, get rid of them first.

It is wise to de-clutter your house as this reduces the bed bug’s ability to find somewhere to nest. Go through everything and clean thoroughly anything you intend to keep.

Throw away affected bed linen or, if you do wish to keep it, wash it in extremely hot water and tumble dry it afterwards.

Any infested furniture you wish to keep should be placed in direct sunlight for a few days to kill off bed bugs. In the winter, extreme cold will help, too, though you will need to leave furniture outside for longer.

Steam clean carpets and mattresses to kill off the bed bugs.

After all this, if the bed bugs return you may need to get help from a professional pest control company to treat the problem and periodically return to check the issue is under control.

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