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How to fix a Dry Mouth

Those people who suffer from a dry mouth are suffering from inadequate production of saliva within their mouth. The cause for this under production of saliva in the mouth can be due of several related problems. Here are some of the common problems that lead to people to have a dry mouth: *Side effect of a certain medication *Diseases and/or infections related side effects *Medical treatments side effect *Nerve damage *Some are caused by Dehydration *Removal of salivary glands *Lifestyle It can also be caused by hormonal changes Determining the causes of dry mouth is important in fix dry mouth. It may be necessary for the doctor to change the prescription or change the dosage of a certain medication is the medication itself is causing the dry mouth. If the medication doesn’t appear to be the cause of the problem, a doctor may recommend a certain medicine that increases the production of saliva and helps the salivary glands to function better. In certain cases, the cause for a dry mouth could be unknown; therefore, it is hard to cure the problem totally. However, there are some tips that have proven effective in bringing relief to those with a dry mouth. Other useful tips include: *Drink sugarless drinks or take water regularly *Stay hydrated *Refrain or get away from caffeinated drinks *Chew sugarless gum *Refrain from using tobacco products *Eliminate or lessen drinking alcoholic drinks *Limit the intake of spicy and salty foods *Use a humidifier at night It is also important to practice good oral care. Practicing proper oral hygiene is a good way to keep the mouth moist. Proper oral practices like brushing and flossing helps to remove the food left over and odor causing bacteria that are inside your mouth. These actions and practices should take part of a habit.

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