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How To Get Fitness And Form Without Living At The Gym!

Is it possible to achieve a high level of fitness and shape your body the way you would like to see it without having to have a permanent presence at the local gym? Can you reach your goals without having to sell your soul to the weight room? I believe it is, and have managed to do so myself. While there is certainly work to be done to get us where we’d like to be in our physical conditioning, as well as in shaping our physique, that doesn’t mean we have to live there! Let’s examine some of the ways you can enhance both your fitness and your looks without sleeping in the locker room! First of all, let me say that if your goals are to become as big as you possibly can, to achieve a high muscle mass with bulging, bodybuilding type muscles making it difficult to find shirts, then this probably isn’t going to be what you want to hear.

For that type of training, you will definitely need to spend long hours in the gym and then some. That kind of bulk comes at a price, and the price includes long hours. No, the guys I’m talking to are the ones who hope to build strong core strength, lose excess fat, and make themselves generally fit and altogether more attractive and socially impressive. These guys want to become stronger, but also to find more attraction from women, as well as become more dominant when it comes to social and professional situations. (It’s amazing what this kind of workout can produce in the business arena!) This can be accomplished without having to spend endless hours at the gym, if you are working with a good plan.

The plan I’m most fond of for these purposes is called ‘The Adonis Index’ workout. This is a total plan designed to get men to achieve a classic ‘V’ shape physique, consisting of a set of broad, muscular shoulders, tapering down to a trim waist, with a well-defined chest and midsection in between, and no excess fat visible. This is the form that has been revered through the ages as the ideal male shape, and is even rendered by a mathematical formula called ‘The Golden Ratio’, which is expressed as 1:1.618.

This plan uses a variety of exercises and a sensible eating plan designed to maximize fat loss, build muscle, all pointing to creating this classic form. It doesn’t take forever to implement, and with the specific direction it gives it can make the process of achieving these kinds of goals much more doable. It meets every man where he is, and gives specific measurement goals depending on your height and starting measurements. For the guy seeking to build a great form and not have a wing enshrined for you at the gym, then The Adonis Index may well be worth checking out!

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