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How To Get Rid Of Your Love Handles

There are many funny bumper stickers out there, one I saw recently read “These aren’t love handles, they are a fuel tank for a love machine.” Have you heard all of the funny ways there are to describe your love handles? There are a lot of super funny ways to excuse the fact that you weigh more than you should. It is a fact that many people are embarrassed by their love handles. No one likes having their flabby belly hanging over the top of their pants. Even the cutest name for those love handles doesn’t prevent those with a “muffin top” from trying to down play it. It’s a fact that there is a lot you can do about love handles you aren’t stuck with them. We discuss some great ideas for ridding yourself of those “muffin tops”.
Many people acknowledge the fact that exercise is key to losing those love handles. You probably know that not every exercise will work for what you need done. Your focus should be on aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise focuses on raising your heart rate and getting your blood pumping. You will burn more fat with aerobic exercise because it requires more energy which forces your body to begin burning fat stores to gain energy during workouts. A good habit to get into is exercising aerobically a minimum of three times per week for at least 30 minutes. Gradually increase that to 5 times per week for maximum fat burning.

Other forms of exercise can be supplemented by adding a weight training routine to your workout. You will benefit in different ways from weight training than you will from other forms. Weight training will increase your muscle mass and metabolism making your other routines easier to complete. You will burn fat faster with each increase in metabolism.

Never get sucked into the guarantees of supplements that don’t really benefit your weight loss. They are not true. Honestly there is not one single exercise that will get rid of love handles alone. You should focus on one exercise if your desire is to build muscle behind those love handles. Prominence and perkiness is what you will see. Do you really want to see that happen?

These not so lovely pockets of fat we refer to as love handles are embarrassing. You are not stuck with them you can choose to do something about them. There are many many ways you can reduce or eliminate that extra weight around the mid section. Getting rid of body fat is as easy as maintaining proper diet and exercise. Never get sucked into the lies of miracle cures. Working had and being patient are the best ways to drop excess weight. At some point you will return to the body you have always wanted to have.

About the author: Sheryl Sandidge is an experienced author and currently writes about sunglasses for the Electric Sunglasses site.

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