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How To Get Rid Of Your Love Handles

You have probably seen a number of funny bumper stickers like this one “These aren’t love handles, they are a fuel tank for a love machine. There are many jokes that describe your love handles in a funny way. You can use humor to justify your overweight condition. If you are among the average person you are probably embarrassed on some level about having love handles. No one likes having their flabby belly hanging over the top of their pants. Most people dislike their love handles regardless of the cute names like “muffin top” they will try to hide it when possible. It’s a fact that there is a lot you can do about love handles you aren’t stuck with them. We discuss some great ideas for ridding yourself of those “muffin tops”.
Many people acknowledge the fact that exercise is key to losing those love handles. You probably know that not every exercise will work for what you need done. It is important to note that aerobic exercise is the best exercise for your task. Aerobic exercise focuses on raising your heart rate and getting your blood pumping. With this type of exercise your body burns more of your stored fat because of the amount of energy that is required. Three times a week for thirty minutes of an aerobic workout will do the trick. In order to really burn some fat you will need to increase that to 4 if not 5 times per week.

Many trainers will recommend adding in a weight training session to substitute for other forms of exercise. You will benefit in different ways from weight training than you will from other forms. Your regular exercise routine will become easier because of the increased muscle mass resulting from your weight training and you will also notice a greater metabolic response. Your increased metabolism will help you burn those love handles off quick.

Don’t believe those idiots who try to sell you a product that claims to target your love handles for quick results. These are never true. You need a routine that includes anaerobic, aerobic and weight training in order to truly benefit from your desire to lose your love handles. One exercise might help you build muscle behind your love handles but do little to get rid of them. Prominence and perkiness is what you will see. Would you really like to see that be the case?

These not so lovely pockets of fat we refer to as love handles are embarrassing. If you don’t want them there are things you can do about it. There are a lot of ways to get rid of the extra weight called love handles. Shedding unwanted pounds is easy with diet and exercise. Miracle cures do not exist don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. It takes hard work and patience to drop excess weight. At some point you will discover the physique you’ve always wanted is beginning to come out.

Author bio: Robert Butcher is an experienced author and currently serves as head writer for the new inventions and invention patent sites.

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