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How To Give Up To Smoking

It is self-evident that health is one of the most important things that influence the quality of our life. If we are healthy and full of energy, we easily get everything we want and reach goals we set. But in case we feel unwell we scarcely want something else except recovering. Even if not to take into consideration serious chronic diseases and think of ordinary catching a cold, it becomes obvious that even ordinary catching a cold may not allow you working efficiently. That is why health is the thing we should always take care of, since it is much easier to preserve it rather than to return it when it is lost.

Nowadays it becomes more and more difficult to preserve good health owing to poor ecology, air and water contamination with various pollutants, artificial products, daily stress etc. That is why we should do our best and take care about our health at both physical and mental levels.

Physical health depends on what and how often we eat, whether we are physically active, sleep enough etc. Healthy eating becomes even a matter of fashion today: many people try to follow various diets recommended by Hollywood stars and their nutritionists. But unfortunately, these diets have nothing in common with healthy eating and are aimed at quick losing weight instead of making us healthier. That is why it is very important to find a proper nutrition strategy.

Healthy eating is more like rational nutrition and supposes that your daily meals mostly consist of vegetables, cereals, fish, dairy products and fruit. These products will supply your organism with all necessary vitamins and microelements. Besides, they will also help you to reduce weight, since all the products are low caloric. Of course, the result will not be seen in a week already, since your organism has been accumulating fat for years and will require more time to get used to changes.

Physical activity is also an important condition of good health, since it may deteriorate due to sedentary way of life. Think of how much time you spend in front of your computer and then in front of the TV, for instance, and imagine how weaker your muscles become. Besides, state of cardiovascular system also deteriorates, since it requires constant training. That is why it is worth adding cardio exercises at least two or three times per week. This may be even jogging or cycling in the park or in the street – you do not necessarily need to attend fashionable fitness clubs, if you do not want to.

Mental health mostly depends on timely rest and relaxation, since you organism may rebel one day, if you regularly live under stressful conditions. That is why it is reasonable to rest more than you usually do; otherwise you risk to be buried under a pile of endless daily problems.

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