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How to Handle Child’s Misbehavior

Children’s misbehavior may be due to several reasons like child’s age, personality and emotional development of the child. This misbehavior in child is due to expectations of the family. If a child is encouraged to a particular activity, the child continues and if ignored the child stops the behavior.

Parents need to be consistent in their behavior for a specific problem. The options to parents for stopping children behavior may be

Understanding children’s age and thinking that the problem may only last up to certain age.

Stopping the child’s activity by ignoring

Bringing a change in child attention to new one which is suitable for both.

The best method is to ignore if we don’t like child’s attitude or behavior. But it takes some time to be effective and the parents need to consistent.

To encourage children to a particular activity use rewarding system this will be effective. The rewards should be according to the age of the children. Explanation of the rewarding system is important to the child as it make him aware. This system is very helpful in stopping a particular activity in child or encouraging a new one without going for any kind of physical or mental punishments.

The problem is that parents usually are irritated and agitated with child’s repeated behavior and sort for a easier methods which is punishments specially physical one. But the drawbacks of this methods are as soon as punishments stops the child returns. It doesn’t teach a child to change a behavior on his own. The physical punishments make children aggressive.

Accepting child’s personality whether shy, social, talkative or active is an important thing. Basic personality of a child can only be changed up to certain extent. Avoid situations that makes child irritated and aggressive.

People often criticize their children in front of other people by describing children’s bad behavior. Instead of it praise your children in front of others which they deserve because children need attention from their parents.

When children become older and older invite them to make rules in household activities. Instead of debating share their ideas. Know what they think.

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