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How To Increase Libido In Women

Loss of libido in a woman who is sexually active can be a very difficult problem for both the partners. The woman may not immediately understand that she is suffering from low libido problem but her partner will come to know that something is wrong with her and he might not tell her fearing that she might take it personally.

Problem of low sex drive can be created by a number of factors like tiredness, medications, alcohol, smoking, pregnancy, depression and in some cases a partner who is not able to satisfy her. So the first step to recovery is to find out what is the reason behind this sudden loss of interest in sex.

While most of the times woman do tend to find out the exact cause but in some cases it becomes very difficult to find out the reason for low libido. In such cases they can take help of prescription drugs or herbal preparation. In some cases a change in diet like eating more healthy food and increasing fruits intake also helps overcome this problem. Exercising regularly is also very effective way to increase libido.

Accepting that she has a problem in her sex life can greatly help a woman overcome this problem. She can discuss it with her partner or with her friends who understand her or she can also search on internet forums where she can find women with similar problems.
Discussing the problem with women who are also suffering from low libido will greatly help in overcoming this problem as they will definitely have some useful tips to provide.

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