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How To Lose Your Love Handles

If someone says that you have love handles, it’s really a nice way of saying that you are carrying around extra fat. If these were really nothing but handles that were there so you can grab someone you love, that would be fine. What these “handles” really are, however, are fleshy areas that often make is hard for someone to fit into their pants. It’s impossible for you to hide the kind of love handles that prominently bulge out around your midsection. Muffin top is also used to describe this. If you have such handles or muffin tops, you should be glad to know that they are ways to get rid of them. You simply have to make up your mind that you’ve lived with your love handles long enough and are ready to lose some weight. You can reduce your weight and get rid of those handles by keeping the following tips in mind.
Hire a trainer or work with one from your local gym. It’s true that you can get a book on exercising, or workout video that you play at home while you exercise. These are not a substitute for a trainer though. It’s important to do the exercises in the right way and for the right period of time, and a trainer can help you with this. Trainers can also motivate and inspire you, which is also essential. It’s simply too easy to make excuses not to exercise if all you have is a dvd or video. When you make appointments with a trainer, however, it won’t be so easy to skip them.

If you aren’t familiar with the Couch to 5K program, you may want to check it out. Couch to 5K is a running program that takes you gradually from “the couch” to the point where you can run five kilometers. The way the program works is that at first you are walking for a half hour, but you keep increasing your speed so that you reach the point where you’re running for a half hour. You can either focus on working out for longer time periods or increasing your speed. Even people with no running background have gotten results from this program. You can tailor this program to your own comfort level, progressing at your own pace. If you have a friend to do it with, you can motivate each other. At first, you may find it tiring after a few minutes, but as you gain stamina you may start looking forward to these sessions.

You can do a lot more in general if the muscles in your back are strong. This can help you lose any muffin top, by shedding any excess back fat. You will also find that you are better at other exercises, especially those where you have to lift anything, and you have better posture when your back muscles are strong. To get healthier and lose weight, of course, you have to work on your entire body!

If you are committed to getting rid of your love handles, you can do it. With consistent effort, you can lose weight in the areas where you need to. You have to be willing to watch your diet and get regular exercise if you really want that weight to come off. You might need some patience, but at some point you won’t have any love handles for people to hold onto anymore!

Author bio: Sally Stewart provides information about stress reducer techniques and stress management techniques on her site.

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