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How To Satisfy Your Partner In Bed

It is a common problem amongst men to get overly excited while having sex with a beautiful woman and orgasm prematurely sometimes even in 1 minute , this could be a relationship killing condition that is because women want to have longer sex sessions as it takes time for them to orgasm .

Premature ejaculation can lead to premature ending of the relationship if the woman is not getting satisfied in bed she is bound to look for better options so it is better to pay attention to this problem then to live in denial mode.

The Help Available

The popular western medicines have one too many side effects on the body and once you stop taking those medications the problem reappears .

So it is always better to try the natural approach to better health and sex .

A little change in daily lifestyle and taking healthy foods to increase your stamina quitting smoking , not drinking alcohol , getting enough sleep ,exercising daily even 20 minutes a day will keep you fit , not getting depressed and not taking too much tension and meditating along with yoga , you can also supplement your body with natural herbs like ”shilajit” and ”ashwagandha” which increase sexual powers in men, this will immensely improve your sexual performance in bed .

Following the above routine for one to four weeks you will start to feel energized and calm and you will have better erections and longer sex sessions , after this time your body will become accustomed to your new lifestyle and your new found youth and vigor , please do not get relaxed and make the mistake of going back to your old lifestyle as it that will destroy all your hard work .

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