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How To Start Living Healthy

Of course, many of us do our best to live healthy. We go in for sport, try to stick to healthy diet, sleep and rest enough. Unfortunately, very often we find it difficult to follow all those rules and healthy lifestyles seems to be a burden rather than something useful. Hence, a lot of people give up all their attempts to switch to healthy lifestyles and return to usual life, full of bad habits.

This happens mainly due to very strict rules we try to follow. Usually, when we decide to live healthy life we start running to extremes. For instance, next Monday we start eating only raw vegetables and undertake an intensive training. Certainly, not many will be strong enough to follow such a lifestyle more than a week. And soon we give up everything being confident that healthy lifestyle is something extremely difficult and not suitable to us.

That is why all the changes should be gradual. If you decide to go in for sport, start with a simple routine, if you’ve got used to sedentary life. When your body gets accustomed to regular physical activity, you may increase the load. Everything should be gradual and regular. The latter condition is important, since if you train from time to time only, you will reach no results.

The same concerns your nutrition strategy. Do not change radically your daily meals. For a start it will be useful to make up a list of products which should be avoided or consumed in smaller amounts. Be aware that it is better not to completely exclude these products from the daily menu – in this case you will have huge temptation to eat them. Sooner or later you will return to your favorite products and eat them a lot. That is why it is better to limit the consumption instead of complete refusal which will sooner or later be over.

The list of products of limited consumption should include pork, white flour, processed meat, pasteurized, homogenized skim milk, reduced fat milk, white sugar, products rich in all kinds of artificial colorants, flavorants and preservatives, fizzy drinks, all kind of alcohol drinks. Here should also be included ready-to-make products like frozen dinners, pizzas, canned soups etc. Certainly, consumption of such food saves your time and money, but at the same time you pay for it with your health. A rather high price, I should admit.

In case you limit the consumption of the abovementioned products, you will feel much better. Besides, you will be able to imperceptibly switch to eating of only healthy products. Just add to your black list more unhealthy products from time to time and soon you will see that you daily menu completely changed.

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