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How to Treat Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Importance of sexual function

Proper sexual function in which female does achieve orgasm, have good sex drive or libido. It is necessary to have good sexual function otherwise it creates stress and frustration in life. Sexual satisfaction is necessary just like one does have for basic needs. Sexually Satisfied person can work better and with more potential comparative to unsatisfied one. Many couples live with unsatisfied sexual life due to either one of them which can be harder in life, they must go for exact problem and try to solve for their happy life. Female suffering from sexual dysfunction can have problem like low sex drive, inability to achieve orgasm, low arousal. We can say it in proper terms Desire disorder, arousal disorder, Orgasm disorder, sexual pain disorder. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is the leading sexual complaint of women and is characterized by diminished or a complete absence of libido.

Causes of sexual dysfunction

There are many reasons which can create female sexual dysfunction like hysterectomy, age, anxiety, excessive consumption of alcohol, diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, any type of cancer and depressed life. It can also be because of irritation and allergies of vaginal area or reaction due to contraceptive devices.

Impact of alcohol and smoke

Smoking increases the risk of early menopause in women. Menstrual problems such as abnormal bleeding, amenorrhea (absence of period) and vaginal infections are common complaint among women who smoke. Women get sexually aroused after the clitoris and vagina get swell up with blood circulation in body but the nicotine of cigarettes stops the blood flow. Altogether we can understand that smoking decreases the testosterone which is hormone for sex in women. Lack of sexual arousal and sexual desire may be due to alcohol consumption. Difficulty in achieving orgasm can be due to alcohol. Women are highly prone to negative effects of alcohol comparative to men.

How to buy Intrinsa patch online

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