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How to Use Nutritious Homemade Dog Food Recipes in a Busy Life

Commercial dog food has questionable quality and nutrition, depending on the brand and their ethics at the time.

By taking control of what you feed your dog, you are taking the enormous step into assuring his maximum potential for a long and healthy life.

If your dog is healthy, you’ll have fewer trips to the vet, saving you probably many thousands of dollars.

But trying to work out how to make nutritious homemade dog food recipes to keep your dog interested, at the same time juggling work, family and home life, can be daunting.

But it needn’t be.

It’s only a question of you getting your head around a few basic concepts about healthy dog food.

For example, seven different homemade dog food recipes gives your dog a different meal every day of the week.

It also gives you a routine which is easy to work and plan for. Shopping just becomes too easy, with the same things to buy every week.

Arming yourself with the knowledge that nature knows best, after all the dog evolved very well without any help from us for aeons, you can come close to a wild dog’s diet.

Enzymes are an all important part of everyone’s diet, including dogs. So you need to ensure these are kept alive and well in the dog food you prepare.

Some nutrients are only found in organ meats, but these can be easily overfed. What is the optimum amount of organ meat in your dog’s diet and which ones should you feed?

There is one essential part of a dog’s daily diet which, if left out, will  cause tooth decay, unhealthy gums and most likely an unhappy dog.

Many ‘experts’ disagree on its inclusion in a dog’s diet. By bypassing the inconsistencies of ‘experts’ and going back to the only real expert – nature – you are not left wondering who may be right and who may be wrong.

Your homemade dog food recipes needs to ensure all micro and all macro minerals are included.

Your dog manufactures some vitamins himself, but others must be included in his diet.

This means you need to know the nutrients in each type of food.

Although your homemade dog food recipes will naturally keep your dog slim and in good overall health, some dogs are naturally fat and some are naturally slim. You need to know how to vary each ingredient to suit your individual dog.

There are many, no doubt well intentioned, people who write that certain foods are dangerous to dogs. However, if your dog is receiving a well balanced diet, based on a wild dogs diet, he won’t be ravenous and will become very aware of the difference between what is good for him and what is not. You won’t need to worry that he may ingest something poisonous to him.

A constantly ravenous dog is normally one who is not receiving a balanced diet, rather one which is devoid of essential nutrients.

For your dog’s sake, learn some homemade dog food recipes. It really isn’t difficult. And your dog will love you all the more for it.

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