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How Women Suffer Depression At Menopause State

Depression Treatment

Depression is defined as the condition where sufferer experience sadness or despondent feeling over a long period of time. Depressive illness is one of the widely suffered mental disorders around the globe.

Depression occurs due to reduce levels of serotonin in human brain. Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that acts as necessary receptor in proper functioning of person’s mood levels.

Though reason of getting depression in one’s life is not yet found out. But one thing is clear; depression can be suffered by any person of any age group or gender. To add to that list experts have linked depression to menopause experienced by women.

Experts have exposed relationship between depression and menopause experience by women. They declare it is very normal state for women to experience depression when they are in menopause state. Except that they need to take necessary treatment for depression rather than wait for depression to go by itself.

To help you understand how women react when she is experiencing depression. Although there are many depression types depending on symptoms displayed by person. Listed below are common trends found in women in depression.

1) They are unable to concentrate and hence leading them to experience insomnia.

2) They are preoccupied by negative feeling such as intense sadness, grief, and low mood. At the same time they begin to view themselves as hopeless, guilt feel and are not optimistic about their life.

3) They get negative think, there is no possibility of them getting comfort or success in their life. Such improper thoughts make them feel hopeless about themselves.

Women when experiencing depression go through intense mood fluctuations and have severe episodes of confusion and sadness during their menopause. Studies have indicated that 8 to 15 percentages of women are diagnosed with depression in their menopausal periods.

Doctors say depressive episodes are triggered after women’s menstruation periods are over. Depressive women during menopause face problems such as.

1) Experience irregular sleep.

2) Feel tired or loss of energy.

3) Get easily irritable and face anxiety.

4) Lose her healthy appetite and also her old hobbies.

5) Face suicidal thoughts running through their mind. Are extremely restless.

According to various researches, following women are more likely to get depression.

1) Women who have previous history of experiencing mood disorders.

2) Women of age group of 20s who had witness depression earlier in their life.

3) Females who are in position of work that is very demanding and stressful.

4) Smoking women too fall in category of women group that have high chances of experiencing depression.

5) Those that have under gone operation too can experience depression.

Effective Way To Prevent Depression

Depressive syndrome is a natural occurrence during menopause. It is hard to deal with depression as it involves emotional and hormonal factors. Even then many experts are of the opinion that proper measures need to take to avoid any serious health implications.

First step in solving depression problem is to pursue step in curing depression out of your life. Many modern treatments are available to patients diagnosed with depression. If people recognize depression early, they have more percentage of conquering depression in short time interval.

There are current many viable treatment option that patient can contemplate undergoing to treat depression. Treatment such as medication, mindfulness techniques, exercise, self help methods and other therapies. Apart from these doctors also recommend Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Estrogen therapies. To gain complete recovery from depression people need to consult doctors and follow mentioned treatment accordingly.

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