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Indian Restaurants : The Choice across the Globe

Indian cuisine is liked all across the globe and people go in search of Indian restaurants to eat healthy, tasty and spicy food. There has been a new wave of Indian restaurants opening up in different parts outside India so that the food lovers can have their yummy meal!

New York Indian restaurants and London restaurants are becoming a phenomenon with a new wave of recipes including biryani, chicken tikka, curry, vindaloo, pav bhaji and lot more. You can now find New York Indian restaurants as you pass by and the time has changed when you had to run about in search of one. This is because of the demand and like of Indian food for people who are Indians as well as outsiders.

In every Marks & Spencers shop you can find biryanis, tandooris and samaras which are a must and people do love to have this sumptuous meal as they pass by. What differs in these food stuffs are that they are much different from the continental delicacies served at these places. Also, the spicy nature of the food served at London Indian restaurants attracts people towards it.

Did you know that London has more than 800,000 Asians making their life and so the need for London Indian restaurants emerged? This would probably show how popular Indian cuisine is compared to other food stuffs in the place. The footballers of England simply loved vindaloo, the vinegar and garlic curry emerging from the Indian restaurants. To honour this, the 1998 England’s World Cup team came up with the anthem, “vindaloo”. Isn’t that amazing and it does designate what London Indian restaurants are doing down there.

New York is the place moving onto the Indian delicacies with more New York Indian restaurants which people are simply liking them due to the taste and how the dishes are decorated.

Indian restaurants compete with other restaurants due to several factors. They include immense flavouring, pure ingredients, smooth service, clean textures and the wonderful aroma that comes out while cooking the dish. According to a recent research, it has been found out that more Londoners prefer Indian restaurants to hang out and at the same time they are ready to pay additional price at London Indian restaurants.

Indian cuisine is finally at the pace of gaining the real respect and like that it must be achieving with its diversity and extra ordinary taste. The way in which each recipe is made differs from one another and it is a mixture of specialties from North, South, East and West India. You need to have the real taste buds to enjoy what Indian restaurants serve to fulfil your desires.

During the early 2000’s, two London Indian Restaurants gained enough popularity and even received the Michelin stars and are ‘Zaika’ and ‘Tamarind’. You can find delicacies like grilled lobster, curry leaf risotto and lot more at these New York Indian restaurants which you might not even find down South or West India. Just take a tour and you find simply find mouth watering dishes at Indian restaurants.

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