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Introduction Of Healthy Habits

It is self-evident that modern life is so intensive that we have no time for feeling unwell: every day we need to solve various problems, accomplish different tasks at work, devote our time to family and friends. On the other hand, we are constantly under stress since we have to rush somewhere all the time and this may lead to the weakening of our immune system. Add here sleepless night, polluted environment and you will realize that the conditions of modern life make preserving strong health more and more difficult. Today we no longer may rely upon our inner resource and hope that it is endless. We should take care of ourselves – and this requires certain actions on a regular basis.

First of all, you should think of ALL your bad habits and try to get rid of them. Smoking, abusing alcohol or junk food, keeping late hours, sedentary life – all of them are harmful for you and should be mercilessly given up.

Certainly, you should introduce changes to your life gradually. Just imagine the day when you decide not to light a cigarette anymore, eat only raw vegetables and spend two hours in the gym. I guess not too many people will be too enthusiastic to continue. Most probably many will return to their regular lifestyles. That is why it is necessary to develop certain strategy with stages of introduction of healthy habits into life and elimination of pernicious ones. In this case you will imperceptibly change your life for better and soon you will think that your lifestyle was always healthy.

As far as your meals are concerned, start with refusing from the most harmful. If you shy away from junk food rich in saturated fat, it will be a great start. Then you may think of how to eat more vegetables, substitute sweet and starchy products with fruit, berries, nuts and honey, for example. Thus you will avoid useless sugar which brings nothing except of additional calories.

What you usually drink is also important. Green tea, fresh juices, water should be your main preference. Coffee and black tea are allowed, but be careful with them, since abusing may lead to problems with heart and blood pressure. And, of course, you should forget about sweet carbonated drinks which are just a source of additional calories and sugar.

Another tithing you should think is how to bring more physical activity into your life. If you’ve got used to sitting in front of your laptop all day long, do not undertake exhaustive strength and cardiovascular training from the very beginning. Start with basic exercises like push-ups, crunches, squatting etc. which can be done at home and even in your office. Thus you will start getting used to sport in your life and prepare your body for more serious training.

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