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Is Vibration Exercise A Good Treatment For Osteoporosis?

Vibration training has become more and more popular over the last year or so and is now receiving a huge amount of interest and discussion. It’s now suggested that vibration exercises could be used to increase circulation, muscle strength and weight loss, whilst decreasing cellulite and recovery time after injuries.

Many people however have also suggested that the use of a vibration exercise machine can hugely increase BMD (bone mineral density), whilst also increasing leg strength and general power. Some people also claim that these machines can increase a persons’ vertical jump height (although i can’t imagine too many applications for this).

The fact that vibration training can increase bone mineral density points to a correlation between its use and an effective treatment (or preventative method) for osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis refers to the abnormal loss of bone tissue, caused by a decrease in the bones mineral density. This results in very fragile, porous bones (in very bad cases becoming compressible), which makes them far more likely to fracture or break.

Osteoporosis is a particular worry amongst the elderly and only a low-impact rehab method can be utilised, for obvious reasons. By allowing bone mineral density to increase through low-impact fitness techniques, vibration training is becoming an excellent preventative treatments for osteoporosis.

Since it has been demonstrated that vibration exercise can increase BMD, NASA are now looking into the possibility of using it to reduce and prevent bone loss in astronauts; adding weight to the technique as a genuine medical treatment.

If you have (or are worried about) osteoporosis, talk to your physician who will be able to tailor a course of action to your own personal situation. Mention vibration training and look into the possibility of purchasing one of the many vibration machines available on the current market, you never know, you could drastically improve your quality of life with a relatively small investment.

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