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Is Your Whey Protein Costing Too Much?

You can find whey protein supplements in a variety of choices. You can buy whey protein in ready to eat bars, powders and drinks. Recently liquid protein shots have been introduced that contain between 20-40 grams of protein.

A number of people believe that paying less for a whey protein supplement, means saving costs. This is not necessarily the case. There are many factors to consider when paying for a protein supplement. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

Whey Protein Ingredients

f you compare the ingredients of a cheap protein powder with let’s say ON 100% Whey Protein, you will realize how the cheaper brand relies on added ingredients that are not healthy at all. Low priced protein will usually have excess carbohydrates and sweetners mixed with it. The protein supplements may also contain increased levels of saturated fats and lactose.

By taking cheap protein, you will see unnecessary weight gains and an increase in sugar through the added carbohydrates. Quality whey protein will have the right combination of whey protein isolates and concentrates. You are paying more for whey protein if your health goals are not going to be met.

How Does It Taste and Mix?

Does your whey protein supplement taste well? Does the protein supplement taste slightly chalky? How well does it mix? When you buy cheaper brands the taste is usually not very good. Even if the taste is slightly better, it is usually mixed with sugars and sweetners. Brands such as Now whey powder offers a good tasting supplement without added sweetners. A quality protein powder will mix with ease. There’s no need to use a blender to mix the whey protein supplement, you can use a shaker and it will mix instantly without leaving any clumps.


Are you seeing more muscle toning and strength gains? Are you gaining muscle size and strength? Are you able to endure longer more strenuous workouts? With a good quality whey protein supplement, you will also have added BCAA’s, glutamine and other amino acids. Some even contain creatine for faster recovery and muscle growth.

Are you paying too much for whey protein? The answer lies with not only the cost but other factors too.

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