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Japanese Green Tea – A Quick Guide to Your Tea

Japanese green tea comes from the tea plant – camellia sinensis -, but the quality and processing methods involved give it its reputation as the best green tea in the market. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this tea is a great and powerful drink able to provide a number of health benefits to those who make it a part of their daily lives.

Originating from China, green tea did not reach Japan until the 12th century when a monk named Esai decided to bring it and try brewing it in different ways to enhance the flavour and the aromas.

There are four different main types of Japanese green tea. Each so different and yet so full of richness and benefits to your health which include weight loss, protecting against diseases caused by cell damage and lower levels of bad cholesterol.

There are four types of Japanese Green Tea. They are:

Gyokuro Tea is a tea with a delicate processing method, being grown in the shade so that a higher content of chlorophyll is obtained. In the end, you get a rare and expensive tea, but with a wonderful sweet taste and a low caffeine content.

Matcha Tea is the result of reducing Gyokuro tea to powder and then brewing it to make you a tea rich in antioxidants. Used also in several recipes for a green tea flavour, this tea offers you a whole new experience in green tea brewing and drinking.

Sencha Tea is best described as an everyday tea to accompany meals. It brews a yellow greenish coloured tea with a floral taste.

Bancha Tea may also be viewed as the everyday drink. Inexpensive, rich in antioxidants and woody in flavour, Bancha is available as Hojicha or as Genmaicha, a variation of this by mixing it with roasted rice.

More and more people are making green tea a part of their daily lives. So why not try for yourself this wonderful healthy drink, with lower caffeine content than coffee, and share with family and friends this new adventure.

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