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Laser Tooth Whitening Allows Even The Most Sensitive Teeth To Be Whitened

Brighten Your Smile In One Visit With Laser Tooth Whitening

We live in an appearance driven society with some certain common aspects. One of the aspects of appearance that has a blanket ideal is teeth. Good teeth all look the same way, they are straight and they are white. You can get by with some variation in your shape if you can at least keep your teeth white. The whitening business is booming. There are varieties of toothpastes and at home systems that anyone can take part in no matter their budget. Some people, however, have more sensitive teeth than others and this is where laser tooth whitening comes into play.

A laser whitening procedure is attractive to many people because rather than a gradual treatment, it is all done in one visit to the dentist. After a plaque removal cleaning, there is a special peroxide gel that is added to the teeth as a coating that helps strengthen the laser’s power.

The laser is actually an ultraviolet light that makes the peroxide gel carry out the whitening treatment. Over an hour, your teeth can be ten shades brighter! In some extreme cases of deep staining you may have to come back for another visit, but this is rare.

Any dental procedure is more expensive than what you can purchase and bring home; however, it is the only solution for those with sensitive teeth. Sensitivity makes any at home treatment almost unbearable. Having only one treatment is worth the cost and it is important to note that as with all technologies these lasers are becoming more commonplace which brings down the price.

The fear of high cost however, should not drive you away from researching a dental deal. Many practices will give discounts to bring in new business and many urban centers will charge less because they get more business. With a little time to research you can find a dentist that will work within your budget even if you travel a bit.

There is no law that says you must have white teeth, but if your teeth are stained it can affect your self esteem. Don’t let tooth sensitivity stop you from getting the smile of your dreams!

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