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Learning How to treat internal Hemorrhoids

To start with, the hemorrhoids are treated for getting relief from the symptoms. The following measures can be followed for getting relief from internal hemorrhoids.

Sitz bath – is a type of natural treatment that is commonly followed for hemorrhoids. In this method, the patient takes bath in warm water bathtub covering his buttocks and hips; this will increase the circulation of blood in that area thereby reducing the discomfort and swelling.

Ice Packs – are to be placed in the anal area for hemorrhoids that are severe.

Apply hemorrhoidal cream, petroleum jelly, cortisone cream, and suppositories on the affected areas.

Loose clothing/cotton underwear can avoid worsening the situation.

After every bowel movement, the anus must be cleaned with moist toilet paper.

Pain killers – These are used only to reduce itchiness and pain; they do not heal hemorrhoids.

Enemas – normally acts as a bowel stimulant.Use warm water and have enema, which helps in eliminating the constipation and fecal impaction.

OTC medications

Using OTC medications are popular for treating hemorrhoids at their early stages. Ointments, petroleum jellies, creams, and laxatives are commonly used medications. The best known treatment is to use hemorrhoids cream that contain hydrocortisone and antiseptics.

The treatments carried out for internal hemorrhoids are as follows.

Rubber Band Ligation – This is used for treating internal hemorrhoids of 2nd degree and it is done as an outpatient treatment. This treatment is normally executed in the outpatient section for treating 2nd degree internal hemorrhoids.

Injection Sclerotherapy – is a medical process where the surgeon injects a chemical solution into the mucous membrane in the vicinity of the hemorrhoid. This chemical facilitates veins inflammation and closure and this shrinks the hemorrhoid.

Infrared Photocoagulation – This is used to treat hemorrhoids of small/medium size. The doctor applies heat on the hemorrhoids using the IR device, which coagulates the hemorrhoid’s dilated veins. The blood vessels coagulate and stop the blood flow thereby eliminating the hemorrhoids.

Laser Coagulation – involves passing of an electric current through the hemorrhoids; this current causes a chemical reaction. The electric current produces a chemical reaction that stops the supply of blood to the hemorrhoids to shrink.

Hemorrhoidectomy – This procedure is surgical. Groups of hemorrhoids in the anal canal are removed surgically by using a scalpel, laser or cautery device.

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