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Let Us Understand Teenage Depression

Depression is a growing mental illness that is constantly affecting humans around the world. It is a disorder that effectively damages person capacity to view or lead life with positive frame of mind. It distorts the personality by changing their mindset and the way they feel and react to things.

Though Depression is not limited to any age group or gender, it observed that many young teenagers are suffering from extreme emotional and physical conditions. It is therefore important for parents to understand what is depression? What are sign to look for to identify whether your son or girl is suffering from it.

Usually parents ignore signs such as lack of concentration in their children or unstable diet or sleep disorder, as normal temporary trends that may leave in short time.

However, in many cases, these habits do not go away so easily. In fact, they might become more strong as time passes. So the earlier these things are corrected the better. Here are a few early warning signs for parents to check whether their teenage children are victims of depression or not:

Behavior: Check out whether your child is suffering from feelings of low self-esteem, lack of confidence or gets frustrated and irritated easily.

Other signs to look for are:

1. He/she is constantly worried.

2. Lack of energy, fatigue and insomnia problems

3. Low appetite. Sometimes teenagers might gain weight unexpectedly and at other times, they may lose a lot of weight

4. No motivation or inspiration to achieve laid out goals.

5. In fact, the most noticeable trend to look out for would be whether they have shunned activities or hobbies that once they used to enjoy the most.

6. Unexplained pains like stomachache or headache with no medical cause.

All of the above are common symptoms of depression in most teenagers.

Social Habits: A very common sign of teenage depression is that they will stop participating in social gatherings. They will become introvert and want to avoid company of others. They may fear going to college because other people make fun of them. They prefer spending time by themselves.

Performance: Teens suffering from depression may have difficulty in concentrating on any kind of work. They become lazy and procrastinate. This can be a strong indication that they are going through stressful situations at their school or college.

It is important for parents to guide their children and not to suppose or assume they can recover all by themselves. They need your advice and sympathy to be able to fight depressive thought or ideas from growing stronger.

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