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Let Us Understand What Is Manic Depression

Manic depression is among the depression types that people suffer from. Let us know more about it.

Manic depression is mental disease where a patient experiences extreme high or low mood swings occur suddenly with any reason. Such mood fluctuation causes surprise and apprehension for people around that person suffering from Manic Depression. This is why Manic Depression is also commonly known as Bipolar Depression, for it can cause considerable mood swings where a person may feel good at one point of time and feel miserable or pathetic at next instance. Such mood changes are not viable for people and have potential to throw their life out of balance.

When he/she experience high end Symptoms it is known as Manic Symptoms and while low end is known as Hypo Symptoms or Depressive Symptoms. Manic Depression is hard to identify in a person as he/she may go back to normal state after they suffer a session of depression. Additionally, it is important to note signs of Manic Symptoms observed in patients that suffer either from Manic or high end illness.

Manic Depression Symptoms:

1) People who suffer Manic Depression can be identified by their extreme euphoric mood or in other words extreme kindness.
2) Their nature becomes provocative and easily gets drawn in fights over issues that hold not much of importance.
3) Inability to concentrate keep them distracted from pursuing any work or activities as they easily get distracted.
4) Due to negative thoughts bombarding their brain, you will notice people under Manic symptoms frequently changing topics while talking. Rather, they cannot stick to one subject of conversation and unusually talk in faster tone making listener difficult to understand.
5) Experience restlessness, uneasy feeling and switch into hyper activity state suddenly. They show signs of high energy under Manic symptoms
6) They may also involve in increase sexual drive and get mixed ideas as well as incoherence.
7) They live in denial state, not ready to accept that anything is wrong with them and have very poor judgment and irritable behavior.
8) Believe they are special and have imaginative powers with abilities to do anything they want. Adding on, they often get very aggressive and involve in self abuse by addicting themselves to alcohol, sleeping pills and others.
9) They suffer inadequate sleep and spend entire night awake. Instead to feeling tire because of lack of proper sleep, they are instead very energetic.

Depressive Symptoms:

Early signs of Low mood Symptoms to look for in a person are

1) Spend much time in sad state for extremely longer days. As this sad state continues, they begin to feel anxious and sense of emptiness over powers them. Enabling them to face more miserable and pathetic conditions.

2) They are not confident with their life and accept feeling of being hopeless and stay pessimistic all the time.
3) Unlike in high spectrum of Manic Depression, here patients loses his sexual drive, infact he/she display low energy levels making them to prefer sleeping more than waking up.
4) They also go through forgetfulness, lack of concentration, restlessness, extreme irritability and growing sense of guilt or worthless in them.

They either lose or gain weight, in some cases sufferer has drastic diet loss, while in rest of cases they may also gain weight due to non activity in their life.
Suffer body pains and get suicidal thoughts running in their mind.

If proper diagnose of Manic Depression is done, can help patients in achieving to get proper medical assistance.

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