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Leukemia Surgery Abroad – Treatments Available and Competency Of Surgeons

eukemia Surgery in India

What is Leukemia ?

Leukemia can be classified as either lymphoid or myeloid, denoting the type of white blood cells affected. It is also categorized as either acute or chronic reflecting the speed of progression…

Acute Leukemia :

Acute Lymphoblastic (lymphoid) Leukemia (ALL) accounts for more than 80% of cases of and one of the few forms of cancer that is more common in children than adults…

Chronic Leukemia

Chronic leukemia which progress slowly are very rare in childhood. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) accounts for less than 3% of childhood leukemia…

Causes of Leukemia

  • Radiation exposure : – Exposure to very high levels of radiation increases acute leukemia risk.
  • Exposure to benzene : – Exposure to the chemical benzene at work over a long period of time increases your risk of developing acute leukemia.
  • Smoking : -Smoking cigarettes can increase your risk of developing acute myeloid leukemia.
  • Genetic reasons : – Certain inherited conditions can increase the risk of developing acute leukemia. Children with Down’s syndrome are more likely to get acute myeloid leukemia than other children.
  • Family history : -Having a first or second-degree relative diagnosed with a blood cancer or lymphoma.
  • Past chemotherapy : -People who have had treatment with particular chemotherapy drugs in the past.
  • Blood disorders : -Bone marrow disorders called myelodysplastic syndrome, Fanconi’s anaemia & diseases where bone marrow makes too many blood cells (myeloproliferative disorders).
  • Viruses : -Virus called HTLV-1 (human T cell leukemia virus) causes a rare form of adult T cell leukemia.
  • Electromagnetic fields : -Power lines produce ‘low frequency electromagnetic radiation’ (EMR), as do electric wiring and electrical equipment
  • Exposure to infection and childhood leukemia…

Diagnosis of Leukemia

Any diagnosis relies on a good medical history (the story of how the illness developed), a physical examination and special tests guided by the history and examination. Blood tests are important in the diagnosis of leukemia. A sample of blood is examined under a microscope to see what the cells look like and to determine the number of mature cells and blasts…

Treatment of Leukemia in India

Treatment for leukemia is complex. It varies with the type of leukemia, and it is not the same for all patients. The treatment depends not only on the type of leukemia, but also on certain features of the leukemia cells, the extent of the disease, and whether the leukemia has been treated before. It also depends on the patient’s age, symptoms and general health…

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