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Liposuction for Breast Reduction – Plus Points And Drawbacks

Liposuction is one of the primary ways that breast reduction is performed on women today. Of course liposuction is widely known although it’s often associated with abdominal fat removal. But in the last 10 years liposuction procedure has been trialed on patients who seek to have a smaller breast size.

The results from the procedure were very satisfactory in removing the excess fatty tissue from the breast area and the procedure is enjoying great popularity with patients. Although this method is considered safe it does have certain drawbacks along with the benefits.

Let’s begin with the many advantages enjoyed by women who have had the procedure. Large breasts are not only reduced in size but also sculpted into a better shape. Women who have large breasts often suffer from pain in the lower back area. Back and neck pain will no longer be a problem for these women who go through this breast reduction procedure.

Women with large breasts also often complain about bruising underneath the breasts and heavy marks left by bra straps on the shoulders. These issues too are resolved by the procedure.

After the operation many women experience a new sense of confidence and a more positive attitude in relation to their bodies. Women with the newly reduced breast size fit into their clothing better. Some women are weighed down by a heavy breast measurement and have trouble moving around. The issue will no longer exist after the operation.

Liposuction breast reduction is actually a very safe procedure if done by a qualified surgeon, but like any other medical procedure one must be aware that there are some risks involved – be sure to see male breast reduction and thermage for added insights associated with this subject. A few of the more common complications you might encounter are excessive bleeding which of course can be quickly caught and dealt with; infection; and allergic reaction to anesthesia. Other complications you can have our uncontrolled scar tissue formation, which can result in and unattractive tissue mass. It’s also possible for nipples to become damaged or misplaced during the procedure and have to be reconstructed. Before committing to your procedure you certainly should discuss these potential problems with your surgeon.

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