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Lose Weight While You Tone, Stretch And Even Massage On The Same Piece Of Equipment

I’ve been using vibration trainers quite regularly, I’ve found that as well as offering increased efficiency to my normal work-out they are also a great way of warming down after a blitz at the gym.

Once I’ve finished my vibration training including sit-ups, press-ups and lunges instead of just stretching out and then jumping in the shower I grab a towel and stay exactly where I am. Unfortunately I don’t have an in-house masseur in my house, nor do I have a massage chair but I have found that as well as being beneficial to my work-out all I need do to get a soothing post gym rub is make myself comfortable on my massager.

If, for instance I think I need to get some soothing work done on my calves then all I need do is put the towel on the vibrating plate, rest my legs on that and lay back. Depending on the intensity I feel like I can go from slow rocking up to 45 cycles per second for something really quite intense!

If I’m feeling stiffness in the quadriceps then I simply lay face-down with my thighs resting on the towel over the vibration plate. Then just rest my arms on the floor, relax my legs and this time the vibrations are focused on my upper legs.

To get relaxation into my back I can just sit on my towel again and, with legs apart, allow my upper body to tilt forward, directing the vibrations through my glutes and up my back.

While being great for work outs and massages I found on the vibration exercise equipment home page that the kit is also marvelous for your stretching. Performing your everyday lunges, hamstring and quadriceps stretches using the vibrating plate means that you increase your flexibility more quickly as the vibrations gently enhance these activities without any increased risk of straining.

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