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Lose Your Weight – Not Your Mind!

We all know that eating healthy and getting exercise helps us to keep our bodies healthy, but the Alzheimer’s Association states that eating right and getting some exercise can help keep out brain functions intact. That is good news for those that are getting up in years.

The research showed that healthy eating and moderate physical activity helped to keep mental functioning higher that those that did not eat healthy or get exercise. Oddly enough, people who did strenuous activity did not do quite as well as those that did only moderate exercise. This could not be explained except to say that those who did strenuous activity were more likely to be tired when they were tested.

According to a University of Utah study, monkeys were tested for cognitive abilities. Exercise was not a consideration. When monkey subjects were given healthy eating diets, as well as intake of fewer calories, they not only performed better on tests of cognitive ability, but also maintained a much younger physical make-up. A doctor who actually worked with humans that had lowered caloric intakes said that their hearts were that of individual 15 or 16 years younger.

So, it appears that we not only need to get on a healthy diet, but also eat less of what is healthy. One suggestion for eating healthier foods is to not expect to like some foods the first time that you eat them. In other words, you might have to get used to eating different types of food by eating them over and over until you just give up-OKAY, I LIKE THEM ALREADY! That seems to me like
wearing shoes that hurt your feet, after a while you just get used to the pain. I do believe that there are many foods out there that are really tasty and are good for you too. There are so many recipes for so many things that I can’t see having to “get used to” new and healthy foods.

I lost over 40 pounds over 35 years ago and have kept it off through watching what I eat and getting a lot of exercise. Lifestyle change, even minimal, will help a great deal in overcoming many weight challenges.

Making the effort to eat correctly and get the exercise that we know is good for us is always a challenge, but it is well worth the effort in the long run. Don’t wait until your doctor tells you that you MUST change or you will be dead within the year. As the saying goes – “There is no time like the present”. Start today. Do a little at a time and slowly work up to a more vigorous program. Make a personal oath to not have that second helping at supper, or to walk for 10 minutes each day. You will soon begin see the changes that you are looking for, and it will seem much easier than you originally thought.

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R. Bates M.S. has worked as a Weight Loss Consultant for over 35 years, solving many weight control challenges. He has works as a Personal Trainer, Sport Psychology Consultant and Hypnotherapist. Get FREE information at his blog: or his website:

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