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Losing Weight And Still Eating Favorite Meals

Losing weight is a demanding task for most of us, but it is actually boiled do down to a few main principles: one must eat as little calories as possible, start a effective nutritional plan like a ketogenic diet, and exercise enough. It is relatively simple to decrease your calorie intake when you know how to do it. There is no need for starvation, since one can actually lose weight while still eating his/her favourite meals.

One must learn to make certain healthy substitutions as well. If you are used to drink your beverages with sugar (I know I do), then you could start using certain artificial sweeteners. Just a few of these sweetener pellets can substitute several teaspoons of sugar which, as you know, contain a large amount of calories. When you drink more than three cups of coffee, tea or any other sweetened beverage daily, you can make a noticeable reduction in the intake of calories. This is just one example, of course, one can apply this to many other ingredients and meals as well.

If you are perhaps worried about using artificial sweeteners, there are also certain natural sweeteners along with sugar which are also known to have much less calories than sugar, so one could also try to reduce the intake of calories that way as well.

One should also learn to rather have a larger number of small meals than a few but heavy meals. It keeps you from getting too hungry, since excess hunger is the main reason why people stop dieting. Also, smaller meals activate your metabolism so you will lose your body fat faster that way.

Many more tips can be found on sites like, where one can also find a bunch of recipes, in which the mentioned principles have been applied so you can start right away with a ketogenic diet, which will lead you to a healthier body.

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