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Loss Of Hearing In Kids

there seem to be so many reasons out there that can contribute to children losing the ability to be able to hear and none of them are good, you need to be prepared for the worse so this is what can happen. these seem to be the main causes for hearing loss in a child.

Pregnancy Related

One of the most common causes in pregnancy is due to prematurity and around 4% of the children born prematurely could actually suffer from some kind of hearing loss. Around 5% of all children born before 32 weeks are likely to actually suffer from hearing loss before they are five years old. this is something you cannot avoid as a parent and as not something you have to feel responsible for because it is not your fault at all.

Down Syndrome

8.7% of all children with Down Syndrome are actually likely to suffer from hearing loss and this comes from a 2007 report. Of course down syndrome is not the only diseases out there that this can happen to and charge syndrome is another one to look out for. Once again this is not down to the parents and you cannot blame yourself for something like this happening.

Unknown Causes

The biggest figure of deafness in children, around 54% of cases are all put down to unknown. This of course means that there is no explanation for a child losing the ability to hear or starting to suffer from hearing loss. This is a great shame and the only thing that parents can do is be careful to the amount of loud sounds they are submitting their children to.

Look for hearing aids Sussex and hearing protection for musicians if you need to look into more information on this. If it comes to it you will need help choosing hearing aids for the deaf, it will most likely turn out to be okay though so do not worry!

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