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Love Handles Don’t have to be Hard to Lose

Despite the nickname given to love handles, they are not necessarily good for you. No one strives for a saddlebag, or a beer gut. Nobody wants to drag around a muffin top. When you gain too much weight, this is a term people will use for the extra weight that sits on your waistband. If you are not active enough to burn all your daily calories your body will store this surplus fat here. Spending the rest of your life with these love handles however, is not necessary. There are plenty of things that you can if you want to lose weight, get in shape and fit properly into your pants.
You will need to have patience when getting rid of your love handles. Rapid weight loss isn’t good for you. A slow and steady burn is a lot better for your overall health. Weeks or months could go by before you can say goodbye to that extra weight around your waist and hips. This can be frustrating. Drastic results quickly, is what most people want to see. However, you could hurt yourself if you try to do too much too soon. So be prepared to wait for your results. In the end you will see the results you want.

It is common knowledge that some carbohydrates are good and some are bad. Good carbohydrates (the kind that is found in gluten, fruits and vegetables) give you energy and help you get through your day. Bad carbohydrates are found in fat and junk foods and your body can do nothing with these but store them. In that case you should try to lower the amount of bad carbohydrates you eat every day. It is easier for your body to use calories from good food than it does from empty calories.

Get up and out of your chair. Every day you should exercise at least half of an hour. A portion of this time should be aerobic exercise. The amount of weight you gain is relative to the amount of time you spend sitting down. Exercise is an important factor in keeping the love handles away by burning calories. Endorphins produced by exercise help you fight stress and improve your mood. Exercise has so many positive benefits. In that case you should turn off the television, put down the chips and start moving!

Love handles sound like they should be cute or fun. However, most people find them embarrassing, irritating and annoying. Nobody likes having a waistline that expands beyond the confines of the pants or skirts that they are wearing. Thankfully you do not have to live with this extra fat if you do not want to. There are plenty of options available to live healthy and drop the weight. Watch those love handles shrink when you apply a little hard work and patience.

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