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Love Handles Don’t have to be Hard to Lose

Even though love handles are given a cute nickname, we all know that they are not healthy for you. How about beer gut or saddle bags, no one wants those. No one wishes for a muffin top either. When you gain too much weight, this is a term people will use for the extra weight that sits on your waistband. Any surplus fat you take in, your body will store in these extra inches. However, if you want to you can get rid of these love handles. If you want to lose weight, there are plenty of things you can do to get in shape and fit into your pants.
Patience is a virtue when you are getting rid of your love handles. Rapid weight loss isn’t good for you. Overall health is better achieved at a slow pace. Weeks or months could go by before you can say goodbye to that extra weight around your waist and hips. This alone, can stop people from trying. Drastic weight loss and quick results are probably what you were looking for. Too much too soon though, will just get you hurt! Thus, be prepared to be patient. You will achieve your goal!

You should be aware that carbohydrates come in two forms, good and bad. Good carbohydrates are typically found in fruits and vegetables and provide energy for your body. The carbohydrates that do no more than cause your body to find a place to store it are the bad carbohydrates. Start by lowering the amount of bad carbohydrates you take in every day. Your body burns calories from good food easier than it does empty calories.

Get a move on! At least half an hour every day you should be exercising. It is vital that some of this time be spent on aerobic exercise. The amount of weight you gain is relative to the amount of time you spend sitting down. To burn calories and keep the love handles away you have to exercise. Exercise will also improve your mood by releasing endorphins which help you fight stress. So many good things can come from exercise. In that case you should turn off the television, put down the chips and start moving!

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