August 2021
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Natural Breath Fresheners: Who Could Benefit?

Bad breath can affect people’s life. We all have bacteria in our mouth every day. Through regular dental checkups, brushing and flossing, we are able to keep bad bacteria from affecting our daily lives. In some cases, bad breath will find us no matter what. Think twice in choosing types of breath fresheners you wanted to use. Common breath fresheners available in market today contains with chemicals, additives, alcohol and even artificial sweeteners-all of which can only do more harm than good. Through bothering the sensitive balance of our mouth and putting needless chemical into the body we are often mislead with our believe that we are doing right for our mouths. The mint flavoring added to most breathe fresheners only masks a deeper problem. Bad breath is the result of bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria build up rise in the dark moist environment of the mouth, as they grow and feed, they produce sulfur compound what produce the odors that we associate with bad breath. Bad bacteria that left in the mouth continue to grow and can lead to many tooth and gum problems including severe infection, tooth loss, and even infect other parts of the body by entering to the blood stream. Gum disease can contribute to the occurrence of heart problem, stroke, and preterm labor. So making the wise choice of eliminating bad bacteria naturally is key to keeping your mouth and body happy. Everyone can benefit from natural breath fresheners. Because it made from natural ingredients which means does not contain any harmful chemical, adults and kids can use it safely with no health restrictions on who may use them. These are the two key ingredients that serve a special function; natural peppermint and spearmint oils. Eliminating or reduced bad odor and convince us that our mouth is clean. Natural mint oils can kill bad bacteria and freshen our breath naturally. Natural mint oil can kill and reduced bacteria build up and it is important in keeping your breath smell fresh longer. So don’t be scared to switch to natural alternative, your mouth and body will give thanks for the change.

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