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Non-Pharmaceutical Treatments Can Produce Genuine Recovery To Those With the Vitiligo Condition

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder caused by loss of melanin in the body. In a few individuals, the melanin pigment whose function is to colour the skin is not produced because of destruction of melanin forming cells by the immune system. The major consequence of this is appearance of white patches on the body, occasionally spreading over the whole body, which is the most visible symptom of the disease.

The white patches in vitiligo are more visible in dark skinned people than in those who have a naturally low level of melanin. Along with the psychological impact of this disease, various other problems occur due to it, including hypothyroidism.

In spite of an absence of a complete vitiligo treatment, there are methods to lower the severity of its effects – examine dr mulekar vitiligo treatment or thermage for more content related to this subject. The success of a therapy greatly depends on the number and spread of the white patches that have to be got rid of, and on the method of treatment chosen by the patient.

Alternative therapies include practices like naturopathy, herbal, homeopathic, ayurvedic, acupuncture etc, which have been shown to play an important role in vitiligo treatment. The biggest benefit of such treatments is that they do not cause any side effects as they utilise various naturally available medicines and techniques. Also, since they do not involve invasive procedures like surgery, the treatments are comparatively easier for the patients.

Homeopathy promises some amount of restoration of colour in the white patches, thereby taking them closer to the natural complexion of the person. Ayurveda, which utilises herbs and other natural substances including metal for curing this condition, claims to have a similar effect. Some of the other treatment methods also try to bring about similar effects.

Popular home treatments are also used on vitiligo patients. Patients frequently use various common household substances such as psoralen for improving the skin colour. The white patches can to some extent also be concealed by using creams and sunscreen lotions, which at least alleviate the mental stress on the person.

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