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Notion Of Healthy Lifestyle

Have you ever noticed that all of us have our own ideas about notion of healthy lifestyle? This can mean very different things for the different people. That is why it is necessary to define what healthy life is in order to avoid confusion.
The most popular definition of a healthy life style means that a person eats healthy food and is physically active. But rarely two persons choose the same meal options and do the same activities. For instance, I prefer eating raw vegetables and jogging in the morning. A friend of mine loves the pasta and fried meat, and he thinks that pasta and meat are not harmful for health. His activities are cycling, hiking and gardening. And my brother, for example, is an eager swimmer and ballet dancer, and he eats many complex carbohydrates. Healthy life styles are typical for all of them, but they are no way similar.

So how do you know if you choose healthy food and activities? There are several ways to understand it.

For a start, do a small research concerning essentials of healthy nutrition and physical activity. The food pyramid is a good example to learn everything concerning efficient nutrition, because it is not based on a rigid diet, but on the variety of food in reasonable proportions. Your target heart rate will define your physical ability and need in regular physical activity. The charts with heart rates are a usual thing for gyms, since they help to choose the right workload. If you prefer training at home, you may easily find them browsing the Internet. The meal pyramid and your heart rate will help you to choose your personal direction towards healthy lifestyle.

You next step should be directed at paying attention to what your body feels. If you are hungry, you may eat. If you are full – then better stop eating. If you are exhausted, try to find some time for rest. If you feel pain, think how to cure it. If you get extra kilos, begin to move. When you pay the attention to your own body, you will soon easily realize what is the healthiest for you. Nowadays our life is so intensive that we unfortunately do not pay attention to the signs our bodies send to us. And often we start paying attention to them when it is already late. It is better to listen to what your body says to you before your health starts deteriorating.

And the last thing you have to do is to ask a professional whom you trust for a piece of advice. Beware that not all the professionals are right or they will do what is the best for you. If your inner voice says that you should not do it, better do not do.

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