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Nottingham Takeaway boss banned from his business

The boss of a Takeaway in Nottingham has been stopped from running his business after Inspectors raided his place and found it was disgusting.

Magistrates were told Asif Jualli kept the Tiny Diner and Fish Bar in Liverpool Road, Balsall Heath, in a filthy condition with rotting potatoes, mouse droppings and cockroaches all in evidence.

The prosecution led by Simon Loom, claimed that Environmental health officers soon became aware of the problem after complaints of a ‘foul smell’. Mouse droppings were everywhere, including in an oven, store room, in takeaway containers, in a red box containing an open bag of spices and floating on a bucket of water which was being used to prepare potatoes, as well as on the floor. It is strange how these things still go on in this day and age and with the regulations that exist. You would have thought that someone would have said something to the authorities a little sooner.

Cockroaches were allowed to roam at will, but officers trapped some quickly after arriving onsite. It seemed to me that had this place not been raided, it was feasible that some of these bugs could well have been on the menu!

Despite the infestation being out of control, nothing had been done by the owner to alleviate the problem.

Asif Jualli, 39, takeaway Nottingham boss, of Pool Farm Road, Green Hall, admitted twelve hygiene offences at Nottingham Magistrates Court.

He was fined £6,000 with £1,500 costs, ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge and banned from running a food outlet for six months. It is amazing how someone in that business could have little regard for the well being of customers and that the sentence was only a 6 month ban. People like this obviously should be kept well away from food, and delivering anything to the general public.

Mr Loom commented that the takeaway was shut down imediately that a problem was known, and that it was now in the hands of new owners.

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