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Organic Rice

“Rice which is grown by an independent body which comes up to the need of ‘organic’ standards is known as organic rice. ‘Organic’ usually means that the soil is fertilized naturally and no chemical pesticides are used. Instead of these, alternative pest controls, which are non-chemical, are used to avoid diseases and insects. Organic rice contains nutrients for the body and can be considered an alternative treatment as well.

Organic rice has natural fertilizers such as manure and compost in order to fertilize. To prevent insects and pests the organic farmers prefer to use favorable insects and birds, and procedures, such as using traps, to prevent the mating of pests. To make sure that the soil has its nutrients, these farmers practice crop rotation. They get rid of weeds manually, by hand or use mulch to manage the weeds.

Organic rice if known to be healthy and benefitting for the body and also a high price achiever in the market as no chemical is used during its growth as if is a process which is without ionization radiation. Growing organic rice can be a difficult task as it needs to be grown with a watchful eye. But, we have accomplished this task and have succeeded in growing rice without the interference of chemicals and pesticides, giving you 100% organic rice!

You should choose to eat organic food since it stops your consummation of chemical substances and protects your health as well as your water, land and quality. The impact of organic food is not only good for humans but also the ecosystem since it can fertile the soil. The micro organism that is in the soil grows naturally, giving it vitamin substance, a natural balance and minerals. The plus point that comes with this is that organic food, such as organic rice, can be preserved naturally.

Diseases are usually not that heavy on organic rice because the excess of nitrogen encourages diseases like kernel smut and sheath only. Organic rice provides you the basic raw materials which are needed for healthy cooking. Flavors can be enhanced by the use of salt instead of highly processed foods. Organic foods, such as rice, can even avoid using microwaves to get cooked on stoves easily.

Consuming organic rice results in your body without any more chemical substance since it shows that you favor organic good and these result in you having a better life.”

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Basmati Rice is long grain rice with a special aroma. We provide the best quality basmati rice at affordable price. Basmati Rice ~ Real Basmati Rice in your reach!

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