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Outdoor Fitness

Everyone needs to exercise and stay healthy. Outdoor exercise isn’t an option for everyone, but is increasingly becoming popular as a means of fitness. If you can’t afford the gym, or there just isn’t one convenient to you, you may want to try a personal trainer to provide the motivation and resources to perform outdoor exercise.
Outdoor Energy will run you through an outdoor session, provide all the equipment and in detail give you a step by step breakdown of every exercise performed.
Here are some of the outdoor exercises performed within a session:

* Boxing
* Cycling
* Burpee’s
* Kettle bell alternating presses
* Kettle bell swings
* Tyre flips
* Push up slaps
* Bent over rows
* Kettle bell alternating bicep curls/tricep extensions
* Sumo squats
* Coat hangers
* Hover slaps
* Sit ups burpee’s
* Medicine ball sit up’s
* Squat holds
* Push up holds
* Shuttle run
* Hill sprints
* Front lateral raises

As you can see, doing outdoor exercise has all the same benefits and principles of gym based exercise. You can tone, shape and strengthen muscles with weights, lose weight burn energy and improve cardiovascular endurance with numerous running drills and activities. So if you are up to the challenge and sick of the gym, give Outdoor Energy a call, get outside and get excited.
Outdoor exercise should be fun.
We encourage all of our clients to participate in all sorts of activities outside of our training program. We promote you to go for a run or swim, join a sporting group and team or even pump up the tyres and take the old bike out for a ride. In no time at all you will appreciate the importance of outdoor exercise and being active.

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