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Pregnancy Back Pain Why Exercises And Posture Are The Best Remedies

Pregnancy back pain is common to most pregnant women and is common in early pregnancy. Backaches and pain are what most pregnant women suffer from due to hormonal changes, change in the center of gravity in their bodies, as well as extra weight.
A woman’s center of gravity shifts forward because of the growth of the uterus. This may lead to backaches due to the change in posture and movement style. With hormonal changes, the ligaments between pelvic bones soften and the joints are loosened. There are cases where urinary infection also causes back pain amongst pregnant women. To avoid major problems, don’t ignore severe back pains during pregnancy if it’s accompanied by other symptoms.
Pregnant women need to exercise as this is the most important remedy to cure pregnancy back pain. Pelvic rock or walking are just a few good exercises which will help pregnant women relieve their back pains.

Another important role to keep one free of back pain is good body mechanics and having the right posture. Pregnant women should avoid slouching and practice good posture because it’s an effective remedy for pregnancy back pain. If you want to avoid slouching and maintain good posture, try using lumbar cushions or pillows. Also, back pain can be reduced by proper muscular exercises.

Pregnant women should stop changing her sitting position frequently and avoid standing for long periods to help avoid pregnancy back pain. Also essential in eliminating and avoiding back pain in early pregnancy are adequate rest and sleep. Low-heeled shoes with proper arch support is a must to avoid strain on the back. Also, using a low stool for resting the feet while sitting or standing can also help avoid back pain.

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