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Pros and Cons Of Mobility Scooter Rental

You will soon be traveling and you would like to have a mobility scooter when you get there. Is it better to rent a mobility scooter? Or would it be smarter to bring your mobility scooters from home? This article will discuss some of the pros and cons of mobility scooter rental.

Why Should You Take Your Own Mobility Scooter

Why might you be better off taking your mobility scooter? You know your mobility scooter. Your rental mobility scooter may not be as comfortable as your mobility scooter. In fact, in Asia you will find that mobility scooters are built for smaller bodies. A rental mobility scooter can be expensive. You will save money if you take your mobility scooter. You can also avoid the difficulty of finding a rental mobility scooter. In some areas, it can be difficult to find a mobility scooter rental company. You may find it more convenient to take your mobility scooter with you. Your mobility scooter may not be delivered to you. If you take your own mobility scooter, it is more likely that you will have a mobility scooter upon arrival.

Benefits of Renting a Mobility Scooter

Why would you prefer to rent a mobility scooter? If you travel with a mobility scooter, the mobility scooter may become damaged. Even if your mobility scooter is insured against loss or damage it can become scratched or dented. Renting a mobility scooter will avoid damage to your own mobility scooter. Additionally, you may not be aware of the level of infrastructure at your destination. Bad sidewalks, roads or curb cuts can damage a mobility scooter. Mobility scooter rental may prevent damage to a mobility scooter caused by poor conditions.

If you rent, you can try out a different type of mobility scooter. You may find that the rental mobility scooter has some features that are better than your mobility scooter. When traveling to a foreign country you may run into difficulty recharging batteries. A foreign country may require voltage adapter or electrical adapters. By renting a mobility scooter, electrical issues will not be a problem. If your mobility scooter breaks down you could have problems finding a repair person. When a rented mobility scooter has breaks down the rental company will usually manage to replace it or repair it. Usually mobility scooters are built to work properly under the local conditions. For example, if the roads in the place you will travel to are not well maintained you should find that the wheels are bigger and the ground clearance is higher than your own mobility scooter. Although it is free to take your mobility scooter with you, it may be a nuisance. You will probably have to wait for your mobility scooter to be delivered from the airplane to you andyou will have reassemble it and you will have to transport it from the airport to where ever you are going. Generally rental scooters will be delivered ready for use.

Alternative Solution

If you travel often you may want to consider cheap mobility scooters or used mobility scooter just for traveling. Today, you can buy a new, travel mobility scooter for around $500. It is possible to buy a used mobility scooter for even less than that.

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