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Reasons People Take Out A Temporary Insurance Policy For Their Car

Mostmotorinsurance is still for one year in duration. However to match the flexible driving needs of many of today’s drivers, temp insurance is now available for much shorter periods of time.

Short term cover in some countries is classed as a car insurance policy from one to 28 days in duration. However, there are now a number of specialist insurance companies who now offer flexible insurance for between one to six months.

There are even now policies coined “pay as you go”. This gives the benefit of being able to switch cover on and off for periods when it will not be required.

There are many scenarios where 1 day insurance may be convenient. One of the most popular is making sure you are insured when using a friends motor. Securing an extra policy for this could protect a no claims bonus built up if no claim has been made for several years. This could therefore be an attractive option for more experienced drivers.

Another reason tempcar insurance is taken out is to provide insurance for an additional driver so driving can be shared on a longer trip or vacation.

Covering a visitor from overseas is a popular reason for taking short term insurance cover. As is requiring 24 hour cover when driving home a recently purchased new or 2nd hand auto. Taking a test drive and requiring insurance for a weekend can be another eventuality.

Several of us who drive a van, won’t actually own it. This is where temp pay as you go insurance can be appropriate, if you are using a van for a range of reasons.

For bikers that are planning a summer road trip, cheap temp cover could be very useful. This could be beneficial if they only ride the bike occasionally.

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