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Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or male impotence is defined as the inability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for mutually satisfactory relation with his partner. Erectile dysfunction (ED), known as an inability to achieve or maintain erection with sufficient rigidity and duration to permit satisfactory relational performance is an age dependent disorder. The prevalence of complete ED in healthy men triples from 5% – 8% at 40 years to 15% -17% at 70. ED is more prevalent in patients with other associated medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus, heart disease, hypertension and cigarette smoking.

Erectile dysfunction is the common problem faced by many males. It generally occurs when men get old but now days it occurs in young age only. Erectile dysfunction means enable to do relation because of no proper erection of male organ. There is no hardness in the male organ. Man has ability to do relation but sometimes he fails to erect his male organ and he gets tired and frustrated. Erectile dysfunction is also called impotence.

Erectile dysfunction occurs when something wrong in your body or some discrepancy of any tissue in your body like nerve impulsive, spinal around male organ, muscles, veins, fibrous tissues or any injury. In males there is male hormone testosterone, if the level of testosterone is less then it cause problem of erection. There are many more causes of erectile dysfunction are stress, aggressiveness, restless, any pressure, mentally disturbance and improper sleep. Excessive consume of alcohol drugs and smoking also cause erectile dysfunction.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction
There are some symptoms which are responsible for erectile dysfunction:
1 – Less erection and not able to get erection when you need erection to do relational activities
2 – Other symptom is weak erection and not able to do relational activities
3 – Men do not get good erection when man wants to do relation
4 – Other symptom is person does not get orgasm when he is doing relation

Some other symptoms: The main causes of erectile function are based on physical and psychological causes and which are concerned or linked with our mind because our mind or nervous system helps for erection and it is linked with the nitric oxide to the blood to increase the blood flow to the male organs for proper erection.

We can say that these physical or psychological factors are main causes for erectile dysfunction in psychological factor stress, anxiety, tiredness and not good relation with partner these are main symptoms which causes erectile dysfunction

Herbal treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

There are some treatments which helps you to get rid of erection dysfunction. Some diets like make use of products which contains amino acids for example meat, fish and products made of milk. Erectile dysfunction caused by the discrepancy of zinc. There are pills available in the market:
* Ashwgandha is the herb which is very useful in erection and also gives energy and strength to the body. Also increases the stamina of relation activities.
* Ginkgo is another herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction. It increases the proper circulation of blood to the male organ and helps in hardens the male organ. It also increases the relation activities ability.
* Ginseng is the herbal treatment which increases the lowered level of testosterone.
* Horny goat weed is the herbal treatment which helps in erection. It also increases the relation activities stamina. And it also increases the testosterone level.

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