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Right Healthy Preferences

It is obvious that all of us have their own ideas about what healthy lifestyle is. There as many of them as people in the world. That is why there is much confusion about definition of healthy lifestyle. Hence it is necessary to outline the basic principles of healthy lifestyle which are universal.

Of course, all of us realize that it is necessary to eat healthy food and regularly go in for sports, in order to be healthy. But at the same time, all of us consider rather different products to be healthy. The variety of sport activities is also beyond question. My sister, for example, eats plenty of raw vegetables and is a keen ballet dancer. Some friends of mine think that there is nothing harmful in pizza and pasta, if they play football two or three times per week. My mother considers gardening to be the best physical activity and Chinese cuisine to be healthy and low-caloric. As you see, preferences are very different. This variety is admissible; the only thing is to make really healthy preferences. This is the issue described below.

Firstly, you should start with your nutrition. Generally accepted food pyramid may be a perfect informative assistance, since it supposes a diet, but at the same time the variety of products is accepted. In case you follow such nutrition strategy you will easily avoid junk food which is harmful both for your health and shape. You will see that the preference should be given to vegetables, fruit, cereals, fish and white meat. These products contain vitamins and microelements necessary for being healthy. Besides, being low-caloric they will cause no harm to your waist.

As far as your physical activity is concerned, it is not required from you to become a professional sportsman. Do not be afraid that this will require much efforts and time from you. Actually, it is enough to devote one hour two or three times per week for cardiovascular training and soon you will feel much better.

If you do not have time for attending gym, you may train at home. Luckily, there is plenty of video with exercises for all muscles groups. You may also choose jogging or cycling in the fresh air –this will be the best opportunity in spring and summer. The latter is perfect for swimming and beach volleyball with friends. So, as you see sport is not as boring as you might have thought.

Being healthy also requires timely rest. Our life is very intensive and full of stresses. That is why we should think of the ways of relaxation more than ever. It is advisable to bear in mind that the chain of problems is endless, while our resource may be easily wasted.

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