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Role And Importance of Fitness in Stress Management

Nowadays, everything is so competitive and this causes stress. To deal with stress fitness plays an important role. If you are healthy and fit, you easily manage your stress. Most people are losing their weight to keep themselves fit and healthy. It is very important for people to understand that being physically fit and being thin are not always comprehensive. A person who is thin but does not exercise regularly may have low energy, clogged arteries, and problem concentrating at job. On the other hand, a fat person can have a strong heart and excellent energy at job due to regular exercise. It is important to keep in the mind that a person, who is obese, regardless of his fitness level, is at risk for health harms.

Maintaining fitness improves strength and power of the body and mind. Some people may disagree with this declaration, particularly after they begin an exercise program and they are sore, exhausted, and ready to quit. Inform the people that once they take on more physically active lifestyle, they will gradually start to feel better, their bodies will be inclined to burn fat better, and they will lose weight. In addition, this improved energy transfers into being more creative at job and at home.

Improving fitness helps a person think well when under pressure or acute stress. Use the following information to clarify this complex process. When we are under pressure or stress, our heart beats faster, we may begin to sweat, and we may breathe harder. If our bodies are not used to those changes (pressure or stress), we tend to have a tough time thinking and managing the pressure. When we are energetic, the same changes in our bodies take place. If we are having enjoyment and thinking while we are active, then our bodies get practice for dealing with the increased heart beats, breathing, etc. Also, the more fit a person is, the more action is needed to make these changes in the body. Therefore, when a person gets in a worrying situation or extreme pressure, a fit body is not going to react as radically as an unfit body. A better mind and capability to handle stress will definitely get better work performance.

Increasing fitness improves strength and bones. This benefit is understandable. For a person, who have jobs that require physical exertion, strong strength and muscles lead to better performance and a decrease chance for injury.

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