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Rush For Healthy Lifestyle – Make It Slower

All of us wake up one day in the morning and decide to live healthy. This means that we are going to quit all pernicious habits (smoking, abusing alcohol etc.), eat only healthy products, drink a lot of water instead of coke, regularly go in for sport, sleep not less than seven or eight hours (for this we need to refuse from night clubs and many other pleasures of life), spend a lot of time in the fresh air and do many other healthy things. The list may become so impressive that we dismiss this thought just immediately it comes to our minds. And as a rule, such decisions do not end in any actions, because we decide that healthy lifestyle is something extremely complicated. So isn’t there any other way out for those who want to live healthy, but do not have strong enough character to live through all changes?

In order to start living healthy in spite of many obstacles that may prevent us from doing this we should not think big and try to make all the changes within one day. Healthy habits should be introduced into our lives gradually, step-by-step. Only in this case we will be strong enough to accept all the changes.

If you decide that you lack physical activity, because you sit in an office for eight hours a day, start going out during lunch time. Walks will add more motion to your daily life, and at the same time it will not be as exhaustive as trainings in the gym. The latter should be introduced to your life when your body is more or less ready to extensive physical loads.

The same approach should be used when you decide to make your regular meals healthier. In case you refuse from everything you’ve got used to at once, you most probably start hating all those raw vegetables in a day or two. This will happen, because you have chosen the wrong approach. In case you chose the right one, you will easily substitute unhealthy products with healthier analogues. But this substitution will be gradual and thus almost imperceptible. For example, start eating more vegetables and refuse from sandwiches to which you’ve got used. Eat more fruit and berries for dessert instead of a piece of cake. Step-by-step your menu will become much healthier without even efforts.

Certainly, you may disagree claiming that such an approach requires time which none of us has. And you will be right. But on the other hand, it is better to reach the aim slowly instead of rushing and then giving up everything. Healthy lifestyle should make your life much easier instead of brining any kind of difficulties to which all of us have already got used to.

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