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Several Professional and Amateur Techniques For Safe and Effective Mole Elimination

When it comes to moles there are two camps, one group find them appealing and the other find them a nuisance. Several Hollywood actresses are facial mole which is considered to be a key part of their attractiveness. A couple of these women have gone on to become the face of major beauty products. Others choose to have these marks removed, and whether at home or in a dermatologist’s office depends on the individual and the nature of the mole.

A person might have several motivations for wanting their mole removed. In many cases of course it is purely due to personal appearance or vanity, but there are other cases in which there is a genuine possibility of danger. Any history in the family of skin cancer, especially where the cancer was associated with a mole can be cause for serious concern. And here the patient might be wise to remove moles that are present immediately. In another scenario a person might be adversely affected socially by having a large number of visible moles.

There are a number of good options for removing moles. There are certain home methods that involve household ingredients such as baking soda or lime juice. Facial scissors can also be used to topically remove a mole but proper antiseptic is required before and after removal. These home remedies, although very inexpensive, can be risky. There are some supposedly proven at home mole on the market which can be used. Some people have reported success with these but there is a risk of mole regrowth, or scarring. Infections are also a lot more likely.

It is likely to be a much smarter choice to opt for professional mole removal. Two major surgical methods are used for the excision of moles. In the first instance, a tool is used to burn the mole off the skin. This is normally use only when the mole is near the top layer of skin. For deeper moles surgery will be involved. In fact, the procedure may sometimes be repeated several times for larger moles.

Laser removal is also an option available to be used on smaller moles. Although this method produces very attractive results it can be very costly if more than one mole is involved – check out skin mole removal and eye bag removal to get more tips connected to this area. Once the procedure is completed, you are responsible for keeping the area clean and protected at all times. Cancer testing is usually applied to any excised mole for the patient’s protection. Despite best efforts it’s well to be aware that scarring can still occur.

Finally, you need to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of both home mole removal and having a surgical procedure done. If cost is your primary consideration then you might want to attempt home mole removal, however if you feel that this is too large a risk then you can certainly take a visit to your dermatologist. It’s up to you.

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