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Should You Be Worried About Eye Floaters?

Our eyes and our eyesight are crucial to the way were live our lives, and without them most people’s quality of life would be drastically reduced. We therefore have a responsibility to look after our eyes and get them regularly examined by an eye professional.

Whilst there’s no need to panic should something unexpected happen with your eyes, it’s always worth getting them checked. You may simply need medication or prescription glasses, or it could be something serious, but either way acting early on can make the difference in any situation.

One common problem that people have (both those with and those without glassesis what’s known as ‘eye floaters’. These are small spots that appear in front of your eyes, particularly when you look at very bright backgrounds. They occur because of debris which has built it in the eye, as they move with the eyeball itself, they can be extremely difficult (or impossible) to remove by simply washing or even rubbing your eyes.

Eye floaters can appear in any dimenions, although they most often appear as one or several small, coloured dots. When floaters appear individually, they’re generally harmless (just annoying), however when they start to appear in great numbers and more regularly, you should go and have an eye test. Ignoring this issue can, in some cases, lead to serious damage to your internal eye structure.

Eye floaters can be caused by bright light or surfaces, but can also be caused by inflammation of the eye, a liquid vitreous humor, infections, retina detachment, etc. Your best bet would always be to see an optician, who will be able to tell you the exact cause. If you suffer from eye floaters and want a cure, you’re only real option is to get your eyes tested, as you need to figure out the cause before appropriate treatement can be recommended.

You should be aiming to prevent eye floaters from occurring in the first instance; making sure you wear sunglasses whenever you’re out in bright sunshine should help with regular eye floaters. You can also make sure your diet is healthy and contains lots of water, vegetables and fruit, as a good diet can have a positive impact on your eye health.

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